WIT Seminars are for women separating, divorcing or contemplating such a life change. These seminars are presented by Finger Lakes WIT and the Mental Health Association in Tompkins County. Free, no pre-registration required – safe, confidential environment.  Seminars are held from 10 a.m. – Noon at the Tamarin Center at 124 E. Court Street (at corner of Sears St. – cream colored house w/red door and trim), Ithaca, NY. Parking available on the street. For additional information, please call Brief Therapy Associates at 607-275-3675.

~Upcoming Saturday Seminars 2019-2020~

September 7 – Living a Healthy and Happy Life, through Change. Diane Jerdan, our organization’s founder and local therapist, is a licensed clinical social worker at Brief Therapy Associates.  Diane will present information on new and cutting edge neuroscience research that shows how employing specific healthy habits can help us to combat depression and stay mentally well.

October 5 –The Legal Process of Separation and Divorce. We will provide an overview of the divorce process, exploring the differences between mediation, collaborative law and litigation as paths to divorce. Bring your questions! 

November 2 – Parenting Through Separation and Diovrce. We will have an interactive discussion about parenting issues during and after the separation and divorce process.  Participants will be able to inquire about their own challenges and brainstorm solutions with others so that they can leave with some concrete skills and new resources.

December 7 – Envisioning Your Future Through Collage. We will experience a hands-on experience with a focus on self-exploration and discovery through collage art. This seminar is a WIT favorite!

January 4- The Choice of Lovingkindness. Jeannie O’Neill, M.Ed., an experienced educator, mindfulness meditation and yoga instructor will assist us in learning how we can choose the path of Lovingkindness, every day.  Metta Practice can help with stress reduction, cultivating ease and tapping into joy , even in times of upheaval.  Jeannie is the Director of Education at the Finger Lakes School of Massage and has a Masters degree in Education with a concentration in Contemplative Pedagogy. She is an inspiring teacher and all who attend will benefit, especially as we anticipate the stress of the holidays.

February 1 – Creating Financial Security after Divorce – Brendan Wilbur, a Financial Counselor at Alternatives Federal Credit Union, will offer encouragement,  financial advice and resources to empower women to achieve financial security, confidence and independence after divorce.  This is a very practical and helpful seminar and one not to be missed!  (

March 7- Cultivating your New Life – Empowerment, Self Care and Socializing.  This seminar will be a conversation about how to become empowered; how to venture out of your comfort zone and how to best take care of yourself, as  you create a new social life, post divorce.  A panel discussion with guests from WIT and the community will share inspiration, experience and advice.

April 4 – Power and Control Dynamics in Personal Relationships.  Naomi Barry, We will examine power and control issues in relationships. (

May 4th – End of the Year Celebration!  Join us  to celebrate the end of the W.I.T. year.  Location to be announced.